David Wendefilm is an Austrian-born actor living and working in Europe and South America. The last nine years he has spend mostly in Brazil and worked in film and TV with directors such as Walter Salles, Sergio Machado, Lais Bodanzky and José Luiz Villamarim.
He has acted with Rodrigo Santoro, Selton Mello, Tony Ramos, Débora Falabella and many others. 
In the moment he is preparing to work with the Austrian director Wolfgang Murnberger for the successful TV-Movie “Landkrimi” shown in Austria and Germany.


After dropping out of high school he worked for some years as salesman, waiter, computer technician and teacher until he decided to study philosophy, sociology and art history. While studying at the University of Vienna he travelled to Brazil and had his first camera experience as a commercial model.
One year later he performed his happening “Nackt für eine bessere Gesellschaft” at the University of Vienna just after finishing his master’s thesis in philosophy. His performance was followed by first roles in short films.
Disappointed with the academic philosophy David Wendefilm decided to end his doctorate. In his second performance “Das kleine philosophische Manifest” he interrupted a lecture about “Anti-academic philosophy” and burned his diploma in public. Interested in building an international acting career he swapped his life in Vienna for the metropolis of São Paulo, where he started to work with theatre, cinema and TV.
Currently he lives in both Vienna/Austria and São Paulo/Brazil working with projects in Europe and South America.


David Wendefilm about his work: ”I think the best thing about my acting is the mix of two cultures. On one side I am still very disciplined, logical and organized, on the other side I am much more passionate, body-conscious and have improved greatly my abilities of improvising. The difficulty of acting in different countries, speaking and working in different languages has allowed me to approach completely new characters and realize in which values our societies (and i am) are based in.“